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Introduction to the Full Stack Development

Brought to you with ❣️ by Web Development at Berkeley

Introduction to Full Stack Development is a 3-unit Decal taught by undergraduate students at UC Berkeley. This course began as the internal education program for it's parent club, Web Development at Berkeley. Since then, it has been developed and refined over a number of years, and is now offered to the entire Berkeley student body, aided by a team of students passionate about web development + education.

This course contains a lot of content. Covering the entire web development stack is no easy task. The technologies that underlie web development are unique, complex, and difficult to grasp. Because each technology serves a specific purpose, it serves that purpose exceptionally well, but makes learning it much harder. At the same time, however, learning each technology is a small investment towards understanding a vast and complex, but critical, system. We sincerely hope that with what you learn, you will be able to contribute as much to the world as you can. The Internet has drastically changed the way that we live our lives in the last thirty years, it's up to you to define the next thirty.

In this reader, you will find several types of content. The following main types will be covered in the Decal.

  • Lessons: These are the course readings, and cover the information that we normally teach lecture-style in our DeCal.
  • Homework: Homework is used to practice various skills learned in Lessons to get hand-on-practice developing with the technologies we teach in this course.
  • Labs: This is a new component that we are piloting this semester. Labs give a hands-on, guided approach to learning the skills we teach in lecture.
  • Projects: To bring all your skills together, projects are larger development tasks that encompass multiple lessons' worth of content.